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Brief History Of Malaysian Red Crescent Sibu Chapter

Red Crescent /Red Cross Societies are the members of the league of the Red Cross Societies. ( The Red Lion & Sun was the only used by Iran but changed to Red Crescent in 1980). Although they use different symbols yet they all aim to alleviate human beings.

The Malaysian Red Crescent Society, Sibu District was at first known as British Red Cross Society, Sibu District during the colonial time and as the Malaysian Red Cross Society, Sibu District when we first gained independence through Malaysia.

Having experienced the emergency and flood in December, 1962 and January, 1963 respectively, it was felt that the formation of a Red Cross Society in Sibu was desirable, not only to cope with the situation but also to provide training in first aid so as to supply first aid units, on public functions for example.

Consequently, a meeting was held in the Foochow Association, Sibu on Tuesday, 12th March, 1963 to inaugurate the formation of the Sibu Division of the Sarawak Branch of the British Red Cross Society, the meeting was chaired by the Acting Resident, Mr. Peter Scanlon.

During the meeting the following Office-Bearers were elected:-

President - Mt. Ting Ming Hoi; Chairman - Mr. Wong Soon Kai; Director - Mrs. A.F.R. Griffin; Hon. Secretary - Mr. Ling Kee Choo; Hon. Treasurer - Mr. Chin Ting Ming; Nursing Superintendent - Mrs. Hacking; Div. Medical Officer - Dr. Wong Mook Foo; Quartermaster - Mr. Kang Thian Choo; Committee Members - Tun Datuk Tuanku Haji Bujang (H.E. the 2nd Governor of Sarawak) and Mr. Banggau ak Renang.

Since the formation of Malaysia, our Society here become part of the Malaysian Red Cross Society.

In response to an appeal made by our Chairman, Dr. Wong Soon Kai, on 15.5.63 one hundred and eighty-eight persons in Sibu became our Society's Associate Members. Fifty- ladies enrolled as VADS.

Initially meetings of our Society were held at places such as the Sibu Youth Club, the Foochow Association and S.U.D.C. Chamber, and lectures for our VADs had to be held in the lecture room of Lau King Hwe hospital.

On 1st September, 1963 our Socirty rented a residential house at Journey's End(present Hockey Road) at a rental of $50/- per mensem. It was only then our Society had a fixed place for meeting and other functions.

Thank to the assistance of the State Government and the generous donations of Sibu people, our Society's Headquarters - a wooden building - situated at Race Course Road was finally completed towards the end of 1965 at a cost $30,000/-

To Supplement the ambulance services provided by the Medical Department, our Society acquired a used Vokeswagon van in 1966 at a cost of $2500. To further improve this service, a Vokeswagon  ambulance was purchased on 1st May 1969 at a cost of $9537.50. Since then our ambulance service has been vital to the community.

The recruiting of volunteer blood donors to keep a constant supply of blood in the hospital for emergency uses has always been a problem. To help solve this difficulty our Society had on 4th June, 1968 employed a Blood Officer. Besides giving talks, mass blood donation demonstration, the seminar on Public Awareness in Blood donation was organised by our Society from 15th Oct. to 16th Oct. 1983. This further motivated the Sibu public on the importance of blood donation.

 On relief side it has always been the practice of our Society to supply used clothing, blankets, mosquito nets etc to fire and flood victims. Since 1970, our Society has allocated $2000/- annually for purchased of powdered milk for distribution to the needy through the corporation and assistance of the Government Welfare Staff. This project stopped after a few years.

Our VAD members experienced for the first tome in giving assistance in flood relief during the recent big flood at the end of Dec., 1983.

In order to cater for any disaster which may happen anytime, a disaster Relief Unit was formed with mobile kitchen and a group of trained members to handle this task. This was further strengthened after the Central Zone Disaster Preparedness/ Emergency Training Course from 29th July to 1st August , 1982.

In order to train and cater the increasing members, course on leadership training, and Instructor course were constantly organised. Some members were sent overseas to receive special training. At the same time, we started the planning to put up a bigger building to serve our requirement. This new headquarters building was officially declared open by TYT Yang Dipertua Negeri, Sarawak on 16th December, 1981.

Our Youth members and VAD members have always been called to provide first aid services in public function, such as sports meet, swimming gala etc. These services have been highly valued by the general public.

At present, all our Society's running expenses are derived from donations by the public spirited people of Sibu; sale of flags and car stickers during World Red Cross Day; film premiere; concert and jumble sale etc. Thank to the generosity of Sibu people, our Society has been able to function on since its inspection, without much financial difficulties.

We greatly appreciated the assistance and co-operation of all the school Principals concerned for establishing Youth Units in their schools. The future of our Society will undoubtedly further be ensured with the joining of these promising and energetic youths.

Our Society's achievements in the past years owe great deal to the leadership to our Chairman, YB Datuk Dr. Wong Soon Kai, to the public spirited people of Sibu who have been most willing to assist us in kind, and valuable services, and to the co-operation and hard work of all our members.

By Mr. Hii Sieh Toh.


Last updated : 11/10/2007